Wedding Hair Tips for Sweet Ladies 2017

Clothing, hair, shoes, bags, make-up harmony is very important in wedding hurry.

especially, the harmony of your hair and makeup with your dress and the complement of your bag and shoes will give you a glamorous effect. Before applying hair models for the wedding, care must be given to the hair. Especially in the last month or two months before, a mask should be made with a mixture of natural oils, which is one of the most effective and healthy methods. Splittings should be repaired and either assisted by the hairdresser or hair restorative serum should be used. These processes will make it easier to use when applying wedding hair models and when using it and to have brilliant and glamorous hair on the wedding day. When deciding a wedding hair model, you can inspire by examining hair models of celebrities. The latest hairstyles for wedding days are really simple and natural.


If you want to wear low-necked and plain dress on the wedding day, you can choose a ponytail hair style. As you can add braided details to your ponytail hair model, you can apply thick waves to the end parts of your ponytail with the help of a curling iron. Thus, a cool and pleasant image is obtained.

Those who can not give up natural and comfortable hair models can use the choice of hair models for weddings since the down hair models. It is quite pleasant and comfortable to use. Particularly volumetric wavy creates will give you a more sexy image.

In weddings, hair bun models are the first to come to mind and now they need some courage. Although the hair buns have varieties of different models, messy hair buns are most preferred and romantic ones. The scattered image of the front hair and the hair collected from the back gives a beautiful appearance by showing the shape of the face.


Some Tricks About the Day

Your love is so special and unique so that you want your wedding as unique as your love. You want to do something different than what is done so far, but you can not decide what you want to do. You are far from fantastic thoughts like saying “yes” when you are under water or parachuting.

So, how can you make a difference? First of all, you need to know that to find a creative wedding idea and to spend it in a dream requires a lot of time and effort. The idea that you find is to reserve the appropriate place for the date you want, even if you want to move on a year before. Even reserving the place that is suitable with your idea for the day you want means that you need to move on a year before that. After you’ve chosen the place, the thing that will make your wedding your original is hidden in small details.

  1. Making a slideshow that consists of photographs of the bride and groom are a really popular wedding trend in recent years. It was a good idea when it first came out, But it’s not much of a feature anymore. Instead of this, you can make a short film for your guests, for adding some professionalism into the work. It could be a subtitle, black and white, and a funny movie.
  1. If your wedding will be a countryside wedding in the open air, instead of using a cinematic, you can keep your photographs in a wooden photo album that is suitable to your concept and make this corner as colorful, lively as possible. Printing photos of your choice in poster size and hanging them in the branches of trees will also create a nice image.
  1. If your wedding will start with a cocktail, you can create cocktail tables from wooden vats. An image in harmony with the natural environment will emerge.


  1. Choose a color for your wedding’s concept and make all the details with these shades of color. This wedding is gonna win a character.
  1. The biggest problem of the brides is that they can not have as much fun as they wish at their own wedding. Dancing with tall and long-wearing wedding dresses turns into a torture. For this, a second mini-wedding dress to wear during the later hours of the wedding will set you free.
  1. Distribute some flying sky lantern to your guests who come to your wedding and ask them to make good wishes for themselves and for you. Then you can enjoy seeing this magnificent scene.
  1. Instead of giving a notebook to write your wishes to your guests, you can create a nice concept by putting a typewriter and paper on a table you prepared at the entrance.
  1. What about a wedding bike instead of a wedding car? For sure, almost all of the guests who come to the wedding will want to take pictures with your creative bicycles.
  1. Instead of dressing your chairs, you can cut some fabric several different colors and strips to attach them to the chairs.


What Should You Do or Not Do in This Special Day?

When that big day comes, your heart is going to leave your place. There are also a lot of question marks in your head.  “Is everything okay?”, “Where is my bouquet toss”, “Can we get there on time?”, “How are my hair and makeup” … Many questions like this can confuse your head. We present some recommendations that will help you for your wedding day:

Make a nice breakfast before you wear your wedding dress. This could be a measure to avoid spilling something on your dress later. Also, a nice breakfast will bring you a nice day. We will then share with you the food you need to avoid on your wedding day.

On the wedding day, you can not do anything more. Now is the time to relax, to leave everything to be. And even if everything is wrong, is not it enough that you know someone who loves you? Do not forget that everything else is a bonus.

We recommend you to use two pairs of shoes for your comfort. When you use your high-heeled shoes in when taking photos, you can go for a comfortable shoe later in the night.

Your pre-prepared wedding day kit will give you a way to deal with some setbacks. You can read what should be in this bag from the Emergency Kit on the Wedding Day articles on the internet.

Do not forget to smile and enjoy that day. That day is your day! You can make your manicure and pedicure done a few days before the day in advance.

How about putting tea bags in your eyes the morning of your wedding day? So you can both relax and avoid swelling and redness that can be caused by too much sleep or sleeplessness.


You should avoid drinking too much water. Otherwise, your toilet needs may cause much trouble as an experienced event.

There must be someone you know and feel comfortable with. So you can make your needs easier.

If you go half an hour before your appointment, you’re more comfortable. Besides who has lost because of being early.

You should keep a bottle of water in your car, you may need to get wet your mouth.

You should prefer to use waterproof eye pencil and mascara. Although you are an emotional person, you can probably cry that day.

Take care not to be late, you can plan ahead and stick to that plan.

Pay attention to the use of alcohol.

Make sure your home key is in your purse. Or you can stay at the door as an experienced event.

Do not try to spend a long time with guests individually. It becomes impossible to deal with everyone.

If it’s the smallest point that does not get to you before you leave the hairdresser, change it. Otherwise, you might feel regretful about it.

Do not forget to take a spare shirt for your me. groom.

Do not forget that you are your guest of your own wedding.

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