Easy 2017 Braided Prom Hair Ideas

Are you preparing for a special night like a prom? We know that proms are really important for the ladies, so we decided to share with you few braided hair models that are suitable for going a prom. These hair model ideas can be characterized with is features like flirty, sexy and cute. First one should be preferred by woman who wants an or some real flirts on that night, second one should be preferred by woman who needs a real sex on that night and finally the third one should be preferred by the woman who likes to be seen as a cute princess and looking for a husband in that special night for everyone. These are mix braided hair model ideas for you. You can also use this model in your daily or formal life of course. For example, you can prefer one of them for your wedding day. Here you have the most stylish braided hair models for you for your one of the most special days.


1 – Catch Me If You Can!

This is a special strip braid-out model for both who cannot give up from the hair buns and want to have more elegant hairstyles. Hair buns are really comfortable for you at the prom. And if you have a short hair, there is nothing to worry about. You can easily have a bun maker sponge from a cosmetic store in a cheap way. This model, which looks like you’re wearing a braided crown and is finished with a bun, will be on the list as a model you can easily make when you are going to the school prom with its comfortable and stylish usage! This braided hairstyle is what you need to both looking well and feeling comfortable. There are some steps that we prepared for you to make your braided hair more easily. Follow the steps carefully and seem as a beauty of the day.


First of all, you should separate the hair with three handles, left, right and center. Then, use the rubber buckles to collect the remaining handle. After that, roll the tuft into the bun. Split the rest of your hair into two. Braid blankly the front side that you separated before. Braid it straight. The same way, braid straight the remaining part of the back. You can also divide the handle that you separate on the other side of your hair into two and hold the two handles in the same way. At the end, you can combine the two sides of the knot into two strips that will be next to each other, under the knob and you can strengthen it with the help of a hairpin!

2 – What It That Sexiness?

To whom likes messy hairstyles, this is a special braided bun which is both well groomed and not tight as disturbed for a prom. Messy hair is also seemed sexy like you just get up from bed. This way, you will leave an impression as both you are a comfortable woman but you can also be sexy in the same way. This is certain that you use it frequently if you have wavy hair. As a matter of fact I should underline that if you have wavy hair, this type of braided hair model will more likely to you. You will impress everyone in the prom. Your boyfriend could probably not keep his eyes off you during the prom night. We know you want it. So, now you can see the steps that will carry you to the top of your beauty. You should carefully read the steps.


The first step is to gather your hair so that it is not on top. Secondly, take a pinch right over your hair. Then, braid your tuft to the end of your hair. For the time being, keep the knot on top of your hair. Curl up the underlain part of your hair to the root and hang it with a hairpin. This pinch will stay like this. To the last step pick up the braided tuft on the top and hold it down to cover the top of the bottom bun. You can twist and secure the bun to the right or left side of the bun instead of leave it all down. Your braided bun is ready!


3 – You Look Like A Princess!

I think this is one of the easiest ways to look elegant in your special prom day between the braided bun models! You will look like a real princess walking in the countryside with a beautiful horse. This is really easy to make it and also it will look perfect on you if you have a round face shape. You can easily use this model when you are preparing for that special night without spending long hours and can also be easily selected as the bride’s hair. Especially if you want to have countryside wedding day, under the blue sky, you will be seen as a princess of flowers. These are the steps that you should carefully read and follow if you want to have a good looking this day.


First of all, separate your hair with three separate tufts and hold them with elastic hair bands to avoid mixing with each other. The second step is to braid the three separate tufts loose and straightway to their end and hold them with elastic hair bands. After holding them with elastic bands, fix the part with the hairpin by throwing the left knitting hair over the middle. Construct a bun by fastening the left wing and the right wing diagonally so that they will come from under and over each other. When it comes to the end, pin the end of the braid tuft which is under the bun. Your braided bun model is ready! You can also use the tufts which you decorate with leaves and flowers by loosening the braids. And this way you will have flower braided bun. You will have a perfect looking when you use little flowers.

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