2017 Slicked Back Hairstyles for Bangs

Draw Attention With Slicked Back Hairstyle

The slicked back hairstyle, which is a hairstyle that strikes fashion week marks and drives the popularity of a few seasons, has become a trend that many celebrities favor both on stage and on red carpets. How to make this pretty cool and attractive looking wet hair model? Here’s what you need to do to reach this wonderful model with the best tips.


How To Apply Slicked Back Hairstyle?

First of all, you can apply this hairstyle no matter what your hair shape is. And you do not have to change your hair shape to make this model. For example, you do not need to straighten your hair before applying this hairstyle. Whether your hair is short or long, you can easily do this by following the tricky points.

Before doing this model, wash your hair and remove the wet with a towel without drying too much. Once you have absorbed excess water in your hair, you can use hair products to switch to this wet looking model. To make this model you can use products such as foam, jelly or wax. Do not forget that you only need to apply these products to your hair without putting them on your scalp. Because if you apply products such as jelly or foam to your scalp, you will get a bad look. If you want to give your hair shape while doing slicked back hairstyle, you can use hair conditioners or a spray instead of products that will create a wet image like wax.


Wet View for Short Hair

Slicked back hairstyle creates a very beautiful image, especially on the short hair. You can use this model in order to create a cool image. Comb your hair to the back when it is wet and apply the product you will use on your hair without touching the roots.

Then comb your hair backward. Non-rinsing hair moisturizers are ideal for this hairstyle. You can apply these moisturizers before hair products after a couple of hours making this hairstyle in order not to obtain a dry looking.

You should choose red lipstick and smoky eye makeup to break down the masculine image this hairstyle creates.


Slicked Back for Medium Hair

You can make your whole hair look wet. But slicked back ponytail or half slicked models are ideal.


Slicked Back For Long Hair

If you have long hair you can make the top of it wet and make a braid with the rest. Braids with slicked back hairstyle are very popular. If you want to try classic models, you can see the pictures in the article.

How To Make Slicked Back Hairstyles for Bangs?

If you say the slicked back hairstyle trend is so beautiful but I do not know how to do it in my own hair, here are some suggestions for you as we said. The slicked back hair trend is actually not far from us. Wet looking hair trend is going back and also renewing! Of course, this is one of the legendary names in the world of music, superwoman Beyoncé! We were amazed by the blunt, wavy and wet hair in 2014 Grammy performance. Slicked back hair models, which were applied in different lengths and in different styles on every model during the fashion week, were among the ones who were attracting our attention. Here is the slicked back hair trend before Beyoncé’s hair and now it’s going to jump on us!


If you want to have the best-slicked back hair look for bangs, you need to play with the texture of your hair. So if your hair is curly or straight, you should not try to change the natural shape of your hair. It does not make a difference whether your hair is long or short for a slicked back hair look. So, to get this look, wash your hair gently first. After that, dry your hair with a towel without rubbing too much. When you get rid of the extra water in your hair, apply hair products that will create a slicked back hair look. Now you can use whether you like to apply to your hair wax, jelly or foam. The important thing is to apply the products that will create a wet look do not deepen your hair, but only your hair. If you apply too much jelly-like styling product to deep of your hair, your hair will look silky but not oily and washed. If you want to shape your hair a bit, you can also use a spray or hair cream-like product that gives your hair texture with a wet look.

In short hair, the easiest way to apply is a model to the hair is slicked back hair model. This masculine hairstyle is ideal for adding toughness to your posture. You can also comb your hair asymmetrically to the backward. Choose the product you want to use and rub your hair in such a way that you will not touch to deep sides of your hair. Create an asymmetrical shape as you comb your hair to the backward. We all know the miracles to the non-rinsed hair created by the moisturizers. Though your hair is wet in the first instance, your hair will dry out and remain free of moisture. To avoid this, apply your hair to moisturizers that are not rinsed before applying moisturizing products.

If you want to give your hair a volume, you can use creams that shape the hair curls; But be careful not to apply these creams to the roots of your hair. Just like in jelly and similar products, products that come into direct contact with the hair of the hair cause your hair to look bad. If you do not want a wavy appearance, then you may prefer straightening effective hair creams that have the opposite effect. If you are thinking of a masculine image with wet look hair, choose smoky eye shadows and red lipstick in your makeup. It will give you a feminine and sexy look.

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