Best Hairstyle for Round and Diamond Face

Hairstyles for Round Faces

If you have a round face, you are also a lucky one. Like the oval-faced ones, you can use side separated bob haircuts or layered haircuts. This hairstyle that is not crazy at all, it can adapt to any atmosphere and can easily be shaped is exactly for you!

If you have a round face shape, the top of your head must be volumized to look like an oval face that is an ideal face shape. So, you should cut your hair in asymmetrical form or layered in the top of your hair, this way you can make it more volumized. Instead of blow dry your hair lock not to be flattening, you should take care of it well, and also keep your hair above your waistline. As you can show your hair with big tresses, you can show your face oval by making a ponytail after you have creped the top of your ear line.


1- Medium Pastel Pink Bob Cut for Round Faces

If you need something crazy like you are going to dye your hair in pink and you have a round face shape, you are truly at the right title. This one of the most standout hair color pink will rescue you from where you are. And also this bob cut medium hair model is one of the posts preferred one that is suitable for round face shape. This bob model is and angled one and with a voluminous side sweep. And this makes the layers gradually. If you have a naturally strong hair you are lucky to wear this style. You will have never looked more beautiful after you wear this style with straight layers.

2- Long Wavy Hairstyle for Round Faces

Do you want to have voluminous wavy hair? You should read the rest of this part of the article carefully. As you know long haircut models should be styled as with its diagonal and vertical lines. Because vertical and diagonal lines can be easily obtained. This cut model with wavy style can be or should be preferred by the women who are worried about cutting their hair. your waves will look gorgeous with your long hair. But you should really make well care to your beautiful long hair. Otherwise, you will lose you natural hair step by step.


3- Technicolored Bob Haircut with Bangs for Round Faces

One more crazy looking hair style is waiting for you. If you like colorful hairstyles that are seen completely perfect whether they are two colored or seven colored, you should really try this pinky yellowy hair model. Sometimes women with round faces complain about their roundness and they want to show their longer. For this, you do not need to use asymmetry if this model does not strike your fancy. You can make it by having one of these choppy chin-length cuts. Like this. As I said two colors of this model, you can add extra color which is recommended as a real yellow to your bangs to be cooler that having only pink color. This effect will take all eyes on you. You can be sure about that.

4- Shoulder Length Cut Curly Hairstyle for Round Faces

If you have naturally curly hair this model is just one of those strikes your fancy. And you should really try this. This is a layered hair model and layers must be stylish by an expert hairdresser. If you have extra weight on your face, you can wear this model more easily because this model shows your extra weights less that it is. And is you have lighter tone skin color you can use this model with brown hair color tones and if you have darker skin color you should prefer more bright hair color tones instead of light tones.


Hairstyles for Diamond Faces

1- Long Side-Swept Bangs Hairstyle for Diamond Faces

If you have a round face shape and you want to show it as oval like Ashley Greene, you are on the right title. This hair model is diagonal and this brings out the cheekbones and creates the illusion of an oval shape as you wished. One thing you should know is that it can be hard to get a side part with this face shape because its hairline is narrow and this make you seen different that you are. If that is the case, you can blow dry your hair to place it as soon as you get out of the shower, and use styling products to give your hair roots hold.


2- Dark Brown Hair With Bright Highlights for Diamond Faces

If you want to have a proper hairstyle that is suitable for your diamond face shape, this bright highlights to your medium classic layered dark wavy hair will be perfect for you. There is only one thing that you should be careful about. You should keep the color away from your hair roots. You should apply the color towards the ends of your hair if you need to give some volume to it. Whatever the light hues you choose like copper, more blonde or strawberry blonde, there is no way to look bad the light hues with your naturally dark hair. You can give aliveness to your hair with the help of waves.  


3- Orange Bob with Face-framing Strands for Diamond Faces

This is the other hair model for you with diamond face shape. If you want or need to be an elegant look women you are just in the right title that you will say yes to it. It is especially recommended to use this bob short haircut style with the orange color and this is suitable with diamond faces.You can have a look of Kate Mara’s orange bob style to just having an idea from a proper sample. Like you will see on her your diamond face shape will see perfect as you have never seen like that with other haircuts.

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