Best Sleek Updo Hairstyles

Even though the first thing that springs to mind when the hairstyles are the case is the hairstyles that are used in special days and weddings, messy bun hairstyle has become a part of our lives. Messy buns that we often encounter in fashion shows and flaws give the ladies a natural and stylish look. No matter if your hair is long or short. This hairstyle can be easily applied every haircut and it allows you to achieve successful results.

If you are looking for a new hairstyle to change your style, we strongly recommend you to continue reading this article which we have prepared for you. If you want to make a suitable hair for a special day, you should be careful, your updo should fit with your features. At the same time, you can also determine the shape of your updo according to your revealing. For example, if you have a black and a narrow night dress, a sleek updo will create a hot look and it makes you one of the most beautiful women in the night. Again, some buns that are applied from the left and the right sides of your head can create a different style.


Sleek Updo For Medium Length

When the daily buns are the issue, we can say that these are the buns that every woman use anymore. We can even consider them as our saviors. The most common mistake we make when using this hairstyle is to remove too many strands from the left and right sides of our hair and make it look unnatural. If we are going to make a messy bun, we should do it as close as possible to nature, and we have to make it look like we have just left the house with no effort made on doing hair. If you have a forelock, you can tie your hair by leaving some strands from the sides and clasping the rest on the back. If you have a smooth and uneven haircut, you can create an elegant looking on your hair by dividing your hair to the right and left. Remember, the buckles are very important for buns.


1 – Messy Bun Hairstyle

This is a hairstyle that you can be sure that will look perfect for a special day! It is easy to do and it also creates an impressive look. You should definitely examine other hairstyles.

How to Do Sleek Messy Bun

Separate the hair from the side and shape it with the help of a pinch brush, hair dryer or a hair straightener.

Curl the lower part of the flattened hair with a curling irons.

Merge the other hair strands with the shaped part by curling it behind your ear.

Spray to keep your hair from spoiling.

Suggestion for spray use: After shaking thoroughly, first pour a puff into the air. Then, in order not to be too hard, it is often used in softness that will not deteriorate by keeping the hair slightly away.


2 – Easy Sleek Ballerina Bun

We are wondering how to make bun hair models. Here is a sleek updo model that you can apply yourself without the need of a hairstyler! You can even go to a wedding with this easy sleek ballerina bun if you use elegant accessories like buckles.

How to Do Easy Sleek Ballerina Bun

Tie your hair firmly from your neck.

Just open a gap with your fingertip just above the buckle.

Divide the hair into two strands.

Put the ponytail inside the gap you have opened.

Pull from below and pull to both sides to tighten.

Apply a dense crepe with the help of a comb for a bulky updo look.

Turn it into a packet by wrapping it in a wrap.

Do not forget to fix it on the right and the left sides.

Your easy sleek ballerina bun is ready.


3 – Easy Sleek Updo

Here another one of the most attractive updo model! Remember that easy bun model can save your day in a troubled situation. No matter at work, school or in a special day, this is a sleek updo hairstyle that you can apply whenever you want. And what makes this sleek updo hairstyle the best, is that it is very easy to apply by yourself.

How to Do Easy Sleek Updo

Crepe your hair smoothly in order to make it look bulkier.

Spray the creped hair.

Pull all your hair back from the right side.

Roll it from right to the left like a birds nest.

Fasten up the hair you have rolled.

Your easy sleek updo which you can use anytime and anywhere is ready.


4 – Sleek Updo With a Plat Surrounding

This is another elegant sleek updo that you can use in everyday life and also in special days. It looks very beautiful with the plat and it will especially look perfect with bright colored hair.

How to Do Sleek Updo With a Plat Surrounding

Separate your hair to three sections. Two in front, one on the back.

Plat the left side of the front section.

Plat the strand on the right too.

Tie the section on the back from the ends.

Thus, you have platted both sides and you had a loose section in the middle.

Roll the strands you have platted in the front section and bond it with a buckle.

Fasten up the right part of the front section which you have platted by making it go over the roll at the back.

Roll the left section above the roll at the back and fasten it up.

You can crepe it if you want to make it look bulkier.

Your sleek updo with a plat surrounding is ready.

These are the best sleek updo hairstyles that we have offered to you in this article which we have prepared for you. Hope you will find one for your hair. You can check the other articles on our site in order to explore different hairstyles that you can use in your daily life.

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