Bohemian Messy Hair Trends for 2017

Blake Lively’s mixed, braided hairstyle is absolutely one of our favorite hair models… Both natural, elegant and stylish. And that is the name of this hairstyle: Bohemian! The bohemian style is the mixture of the hippie style and modern lines. So we can say you will love it if you are a free girl.

What do you need when doing this hairstyle?

  1. Comb
  2. Rubber buckle
  3. Curling iron
  4. Buckle (to separate your hair)
  5. A stylish buckle (make a stylish choice to fasten it to your finished hair)


How To Make Bohemian Hair Braid

  • Comb your hair.
  • Separate your hair on your left.
  • Start braiding your left side of your hair in diagonal band and fasten the end of it with a small rubber buckle. (We prefer your hair to be very messy instead of being regular.)
  • After the first braid is over, take another pinch of hair.
  • After you have made the second braid, take the bottom of your hair tuft.
  • Braid your last tuft of your hair in diagonal bond in a way of loose and messy again. There will be a total of three diagonal bonds in your hair.
  • Open your last braid with your hands to make it widen and enlarge.
  • Attach the top braid with a bobby pin to the back of the underlay. We need to make sure that they look like a weave.
  • Then, combine these two braids with the bottom tuft with the help of a bobby pin.
  • Combine the ends of the three diagonal bonds with the rubber buckle so that one end is visible.
  • Curl and mix with your outer curl.
  • Attach your bangs to the back by leaving a few hair tufts to the front.


Bohemian Waves Against The Time

We want you to have more wavy hair with less effort. The bohemian trendy style leads from this style; Bohemian parts, hair… To look chic with little effort, it is very easy by wearing bohemian style! Actually, the using of the name trend is wrong; This is more like the outward appearance of your soul or the free spirit light. For that reason, it is far away from the currents that will not be fashionable tomorrow. Let us take a step by step look at how you can give this air to your hair at home before moving on to the wavy bohemian hair models.

Create Bohemian Waves in 6 Steps

The first step is to wash your hair gently with a proper shampoo and hair conditioner for your hair. After that, blow dry your already washed hair. For making more volume to your hair you can take the help of video. As the second step you should separate your hair into the middle of your head or if you do not relax with it, you can separate your hair from one side from another. The third step, separate your hair into some tufts and twist them all from their deep to the ends. And this point you should use some buckles to pin the twisted parts of your hair. As the fourth step, you should fly over the tufts with the help of the curling iron. And as the final step, you can mix your hair messily with your hands. And you have your wavy bohemian hair.


Bohemian Hair Models

Bohemian hair models, which are remarkable and stylish, are home to many different alternatives. Due to its modern and trendy appearance, the bohemian hair models that increase the likelihood of preference include updo, braid, scattered and ponytail options. You can move to the summit of the chest by choosing the most special bohemian hairstyle that suits your style.

Long Bohemian Hair Models

The bohemian style, which is among the indispensable of the relaxation and comfort, is also very fashionable with long hair. You can use this style of hair as a wavy or flat use. You can say hello to the bohemian scarf by supporting your hair through the crowns.

Long and Straight Bohemian Hair Models

If you have long and straight hair, you can easily create a bohemian style on you. You can collect your hair in half and support it with mini hair buns. You can choose the hair accessories that hosts the ethnic pattern.

Wavy Bohemian Hair Models

In wavy hair models you can use messy hair buns. You can get large curls with the help of a curling iron, separating your hair tufts in half from the center. You can combine your hair with thick hair bands for bohemian foreplay.


Brown Bohemian Hair Models

By crowning brown hair models with braided details, you can have a trendy look. The construction of braided hair models is quite easy, which is ideal for everyday use.

Bohemian Style With Hair Locks

Hair models with hair locks left in a messy state are among indispensable bohemian styles. You should really try one of them that is the most suitable for you.


Who can choose Bohemian hair models?

All ladies can easily use or choose this hairstyle regardless of age. We can’t pass with not to saying that Bohemian hair models have their own unique rebellious spirit. All age groups are able to use these hair models worldwide, in all countries. These hairstyles are generally preferred by women between 15 and 30 years of age.

Bohemian hair models are among the most preferred hairstyles for, especially comfortable, carefree and free-spirited women. This model is rising rapidly among the trendiest hair models of the year 2017. As a matter of fact, the bohemian hairstyle is not a special hairstyle for 2017 but it was a hairstyle that was often preferred by women with hippie lifestyles who persisted in their day-to-day existence from the past. Now as you see in the article we tried to make you meet with these bohemian hair models more closely. We hope that you enjoyed this article that we prepared for you. And as a last suggestion we can tell you that you that if you have a wedding these days, you should prefer these hair models on you.

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