Box Braids Senegalese Twists Basics

Box braids have always been a fashion, especially among the black women. One of these box braids is Senegalese model that its twists are found really interesting in hairstyle field. Senegalese box braid style is really hard to make it but just because it is hard to make you do not need to feel yourself like you have to like it. But you can respect for them who perform it. This is a different point of view.


Senegalese box braid models have been preferred by the women among the celebrities in the times especially in the 90s. Now the population who like them has been rising day by day. This who means some people find them interesting and have followed the changing fashion trends. Besides you really want to be a good looking woman, you need to follow the changes in fashion world especially from the famous women who really show themselves with brave. Why would not you like but be one of them? Of course with some needed information, you can rise yourself even top of them. Coming back to the point that this performance is seen as a culture of black people with respect. I should keep going being informative, now I should show you some basic and detail points about performing Senegalese twist that I could say it must be seen as an art.


Actually, before becoming famous, African Braids were used as a religious necessity. But then someone has realized it and make it as a fashion. This hairstyle is a perfect model for those who want to take attention to their hair. Because African braids are really charming if you make it fit with your own style. It also looks crazy as a rocker, naif as a hippie and it can seem as a pop girl. Even if it needs low care, it has also a lot of features that you will be happy to hear them. Especially in the summer days, it helps you to protect your hair from bad elements. You can also wash your hair every time you want because it is really easy to dry it in all type of air. You can use hair creams or hair masks as you used to use them with your old hair model. But you will not have a necessity to apply these types of products.  

And some things that I want to share with you: when it comes to the hair, it is very important to choose a style that will look perfect on you. And the color is also another important thing. You have to choose a hairstyle that shows you, the real you. At this point, the shape of your face is determinant. You have to choose a hairstyle that fits your face since lots of women actually try hairstyles which are not suitable for them. You will find everything you wonder in this article so you will find the best hairstyle for yourself and start each day with a positive energy.


Senegalese Box Braid Basics

Senegalese twists or rope twists is one of the most beautiful box braid hairstyles that belong to the same category of Afro hairstyles. This hairstyle protects your hair from damage that caused by heat styling and it also boosts your hair into growth. This is a hairstyle that is made by incorporating hair pieces into your hair by twisting them starting from the roots and going to the ends. This creates a very beautiful image on your head. As it is known it is wrong that they make your hair stick meaning of your hair will be unhealthy. And also as it is known that a person’s an average of 100 pieces of hair spills in a day. In contrast to your normal hair in Senegalese braid, the falling hair does not fall anywhere and stays between the braids because it can not get rid of the braids. When you open your braids, it is recommended that you use it for a maximum of 3 months, seeing normally larger hair mass at the edge of the sink, creates only an illusion. That’s why I lost so much hair just at once! It leads to complaining about it. However, the hair that you see is your hair that has accumulated for 3 months!

Senegalese African twists are done with things like glue or wax. If you can open your hair when you braid your normal hair, it is also possible to get rid of your braids after you have made the African braid. The only distress is that you have to open a lot of braids. If you have friends who like to work with your hair or you have enough time to open these lots of African braids you can easily solve the problem in a short time.


How To Remove Your Senegalese Twists

However, you should know that the removal process will take very long that you can watch a movie during this process. Make sure that you will use this hairstyle for a long time because removing it too early can cause damage to your hair.


Maintaining Senegalese Twists

Firstly, I start by assuming as you know that maintaining your braids is not as much as you think. Actually, it is certainly advised that it is well enough that you can wash your Senegalese braids more than once a week. So you will be wash more often than with original box braids. You should find a proper shampoo and you should regularly use it each time you go bath. It is an important point because shampoo determines the health of your Senegalese braids more than others. You should not be avoided from using much water when you are washing for hair. Also, you should really follow the changing hair oils or serums or creams for hair. And you should be aware if they are natural. The best thing would be like they are natural. But if you can’t afford it you can continue with other productions.

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