Fancy Teen Hairstyles 2017

Can I be sure about that you will have a special occasion in your high school and you really need to have any idea about your clothes or hair model? If so, you can continue reading this article that I prepared for you with inner peace.

  1. Side Dutch Braid for Teenage Girls

If you like the elegant hair models on you, you are in the right place that will give you a widespread view. You will look like a princess that you always wished to be and you will love yourself with this hair model, absolutely. Beside all these, I should say that you should have fun with your young times with these kinds of hair models that will give a different look. If your hair is long enough, you would carry this model as the best way. You can give a stylish look to your hair with only pulling it to the back and braid it through the back of your hair. You can braid your hair whichever side you want or you feel better. As you can see this side dutch braid hair model is quite simple for you for preparing your school day.


  1. Triple Braid Hair Model for Teenage Girls

Sometimes bohemian style is really trendy in some age periods. If you are teenage girls who are in this period of age, I have a hair model that is just for you. You can be sure that you will adore this hair model nıt just because it is too easy to get it but also it gives you a perfect look with its texture. You will look as cute as you can with small cornrows that provide the edge to a basic loose look. After we see this model on Kylie Jenner and Rita Ora who wear it perfectly cornrows has become definitely one of the most popular cool hair models for teenage girls in this 2017 season. You should absolutely try this trend of 2017 when you go for a school party.


  1. Cute Floral Crown for Teenage Girls

I felt that you have a school dance party or some special occasion in your school and you are looking for a special but easy hair model that will make you seem really romantic. Did I feel right? I can bet on that you will take all the attention around you with this hair model only with a proper pretty dress that is the most suitable one for you. You should consider that this hair model with regal flower crown might seem a little overdone for a semi-formal event but as I said from the beginning this is a worthy option for a school party. For avoiding this situation you can prefer to add a few small buds for getting a whimsical touch for yourself.


  1. Cool Knotted Braid for Teenage Girls

Do you have a birthday party of your best friend and she asks for you to be best on her best birthday party, you should try this french braid hair model even if you have a straight or curly hair. If you have naturally curly hair your job is a little hard than the others who have naturally straight hair. But there is no reason to give up. You can straighten your hair with the help of flat iron very easily in a short time. French braid hair models are so popular with their features of a can being so easy to wear it over and over again. If you feel elder with this style you can quickly change it to a different one of course. But I think that you will like it. This french braid technique which includes four strands with a ribbon ( or if you do not like them you do not have to use a ribbon) will add texture to your hair by creating more bulk with its raised appearance and tiny little cute knotted details. You will look really pretty with this hair model, you can be sure about it.


  1. Hippie Hairstyle for Teenage Girls

If you need a vintage look for your period party that is really important for the girls in the school, you read the right title for at least having a point of view. As you know vintage models are a real trend from clothes to hairstyles and everyone wants to have this styles on themselves. Everything which was old before is now a new fashion for every girl in their teenage years. Hippie hair models are especially one of them. This hair model goes back to the years of mid-sixties and now it is embraced as a common music party look for everyone. Flowing waves and flower crowns are really adorable in this hair model besides you can upgrade your beauty with a modern messy braid.  You should definitely try this hair model on you if only you want to have a charming look that will take all the attention for good looking boys.


  1.  Braided Ponytail for Teenage Girls

This hair model is not enough for a special occasion in your school but you can easily make it for a simple but important school day. This hair model will give you a sporty but elegant look as you wished because ponytails are a great choice for school when you do not want to put so much effort for shaping your hair. You can elevate your basic look with a fun braid as one of the most simple ways you can. The best part of this hairstyle is that it can be done the night before for the mornings that you are always lazy about preparing a long day. But there is the point you should know that you are completely right about being lazy in the mornings. Because I know that you need more time for sleeping before you go to your school and you will also get really tired in there. And maybe sometimes bored. But as I said before you can give a color to your look with trying different hairstyles.

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