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When women get bored or they have depression, they want a change and the first thing they do is cut or dye their hair. The hair assumes the complementary role of a woman’s self-care is very important as color, length, shape. Today we will talk about 24 different natural ways you can do to have healthy, long hair.

You do not need to get into depression or get bored to make your hair care. These natural ways that we will tell are made up of materials that you can easily keep handy at home or find them at fairly cheap prices. If you are using the products of any brand other than the products we offer you, you can also use your hair extension product of that brand. If not, you can apply the ways of hair extension which we will tell you to do both naturally and cheaper. We assume that you had already read all the titles about hair extension. This time, we will see 24 completely natural methods for you who has slowly grown hair and want to extend their hair. Here are some of the most effective ways to do your job in ways of extending hair.


9 Natural Ways of Hair Extension

1) We will talk about many cures in the ways of hair extension. There are some oils that you can care for in our bullet. If you want your hair to grow quickly and be shiny and well-groomed, you should thoroughly mix three drops of lavender oil, rosemary oil, and jojoba oil, two drops of cedarwood oil and thyme oil. After you heat up the mixture of the heat you have produced in the deep hair, massage thoroughly to eat. After you heat up the mixture that you have produced in the low heat you should massage your deep of the hair well with this cream.

2) The ways of hair extension hair that we will tell you are perceived to be very challenging for some people. But remember that the products in all the recipes we give are both natural and have features that improve your hair structure. One of our magnificent materials you will use to grow and care for your hair is egg whites. Spread the egg white thoroughly to your hair. Then pack your hair with the plastic wrap and wait for a few hours, you will see that you have 10 times stronger hair than normally you have. Thanks to the natural ways of hair extension you will have more attractive hair than you think.


3) The ways of hair extensions will not be limited with the cures, of course. If you want to grow your hair quickly, you need to drink about 8 glasses of water in a day. This is about 1.5 – 2 liters. the water that accelerates your metabolism and removes the toxins from your body will make your hair both strong and grown. Drinking much water will help you to keep your hair moist, and it will prevent it from breaking.

4) To comb your hair regularly in the morning and evening is between the ways of hair extension. Combing your hair will make you massage to deep of your hair that is to say your blood flow will increase and this way you will feed your hair well. Therefore, your fed hair will grow much faster than it has. The wide combs that you prefer will also prevent your hair from breaking.


5) Even if the products that you use for shaping your hair such as blow dryers and flat irons give you the appearance you want, these are not among the hair extension methods. Such materials cause the evaporation of water off your hair, that is, the hair is left without moisture and it will be broken. These machines that wear out your hair can cause the hair to fall out as well contrary to growing. It will be a good way to get help out of a towel that draws water well, to dry your hair.

6) Paying attention to nutrition is one of the most important ways of hair extension. The protein which qualifies your hair and grows them fast must be consumed much. Instead of fast food and fatty foods, you should prefer to eat plenty of fish, red meat, vegetables, and fruits.


7) Loss of vitamin that is observed in most of the women whom hair not grows and unhealthy make your hair dry and worn out. Taking vitamins B, A and C and their multi-vitamins is among the ways of hair extensions. You can have thick and long hair using biotin pills, as you can naturally get them from foods. Even if they are vitamin pills, we advise you use it for your health after you asked for your doctor.  I also want to tell you one of the ways to extend your hair to support your hair from the outside. If you want your hair to have a natural vitamin burst, do not spill the water after boiling potatoes and wash your hair with this water as a rinse water after it has cooled down.

8) In order to have longer hair with the ways of hair extension, you need to care your hair and hair skin in a healthy way. creaming your hair once a week with a hair cream will make your hair deep strengthen. You will have softer and brighter hair after you use one of those hair creams.


9) We told you that the ways of hair extensions will consist of many natural products and materials that you can easily keep in your home. Here one of them is onions. Boil the onion that makes your hair shine and after the water has cooled down, feed your hair thoroughly. If you are uncomfortable with the smell of this water that should be waiting for a while in your hair, you are recommended to apply it at home on the weekends.

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