Short Blunt Bob Haircuts İdeas And Models

Today we are going to talk about 7 bob cut hairstyles for short hairs. If you are bored of your long hair and the difficulty of taking care of it, you are reading the right article. I wanted to write this article because of the lack of short bob hair models. And I wanted to get together the haircuts and hair colors and even the hair techniques, not just only helping you but also to bridge a gap about it. I hope that you enjoy the article.

  1. Chic Gray Blunt Bob Hairstyle

As you see from the hipster people who really like colorful hair models and fashion trends, you can go for both vintage and hipster styles in your hair if you like colored hair models. If your hair is thick and naturally straight, you might need to change your hair into this hair model. And if you have a square or round face shape and lines this haircut model is really suitable for you. You can be sure about that you will adore this haircut model like you are going to use it forever. This hair model is in chin length and that makes it useful and healthy. You should really try it.


  1. One Line Straight Bob with Ombre Highlights Hairstyle

I think this is the most beautiful style that works just as well with highlights as it is with ombre hair technique. You will give some shine to your hair with this ombre hair highlights. And this is also a classic cut that goes with every style and act like framing your face elegantly as you always wanted to be. And you can also improve your creativity with this hair model like evolving into some different shapes. And there is one thing that I want to share with you is to you really have to take well care for this type of hairstyle in order to lose it quickly. And if you are a round-faced woman I can say that you are the lucky one. This hair model will show your beautiful hair lines like a star.   

  1. Short Bob Blunt Cut with Bangs Hairstyle For Thick Hair

Now, I present you a bob haircut style that is an updated version of a bob cut and it was really popular in the 1970s. After you get this haircut you will create a smooth geometry and a real perfect silhouette on your hair. Because it shows your hair as following natural tentative lines. And you can be sure that you will have a look as crazy as you can. But you should really consider that if your face shape is not suitable for this model, you might not have a look as you wanted or wished. For avoiding such an idea like that you really need to find a hairdresser who is the expert in his or her field. And, you can be sure that you will take all the attention around you once you step on the street.  


  1. Shoulder Length Center Part Bob Haircut

This shoulder length bob hairstyle is preferred especially for women who have triangular and diamond face shapes with their lighter hair color. The best way to have this hairstyle first depends on to having these features that I explained. But you should not worry about that as I always say. You can get around this bob cut as a form that goes with you by only opting for parting your hair in both optional sides. Especially, if you have a round face shape, it will look good on you, for sure. This hairstyle is known and preferred for its feature of complimenting your cheeks and the symmetry of your face. To complete this style as a whole you can dye your hair in more light hair color hues as I said it in the first sentence and addition to this you should prefer to wear golden accessories and jewelry as a compliment to yourself.  


  1. Ash Blonde Center -Parted Bob Hairstyle

If you have a new hair model that is in the opposite to a blunt cut bob, this bob cut is just for you as its feature of a flattering ash blonde hair color and short form. You should sleek your hair into the middle part if you have a round or heart face shape. You will be seen as polished and chic as you always wanted. If you want to have a perfect look with this center-parted bob cut you should have totally straight hair that shows perfectly the lines of the model.


  1. Icy Blonde and Steeply Angled Bob Hairstyle

If you like exaggerating somethings, this crazily steep angled bob haircut is just for you as always like taking all attention person. If so,  you should really try this shadowy length bob that you made dreams of. But it should be expertly angled if you do not want to be seen as a clown. You will adore yourself when you see yourself in the mirror with those sharp front angles. You can make a finishing touch by parting your hair in the middle and show your beautiful hair with its icy color hue.


  1. Wavy Gray Ombre Bob Hairstyle

We all mention about some bob cuts that goes with straight hair well. But I want to show a not curly but wavy cut for you. Actually, this haircut is similar with a classic bob but-but you can only get this model if you have naturally wavy hair that you can see the dense ends which are naturally disconnected from each other. If you do not like the models like they show the precision of the cut, you read the right title, for sure. It is not a necessity whether you have a short or medium length hair. You can slightly off center part of your hair just to make the last touch. It is recommended to get this style with the help of one of the gray hair color hues.  


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