Textured Hairstyles for Mid-Length Hair Trends

We women are always obsessed with the way our hair looks and whether it is beautiful like we wanted. We think that our hair is the part of our body that reveals us and reflects our style. Women who want to create a cool and stylish style in recent times, the most preferred hairstyles are medium-sized hair models. Especially in 2017, medium length hair models are quite fashionable.

It is both easy to use and it creates a well-maintained image. And these are the main reasons why medium length hair models are preferred by most of the women. If you are looking for different types of hair these days and if you are going to apply it, check out the hair models for medium hair we have prepared!


An Easy Hair Bun with Hair Band in Back of the Neck

For medium length hair women, the first hair model is the hair bun in the back of the neck. This hair bun model, which mid-size hair women can easily do it in their daily life, looks very stylish. This model of a bun, which is very practical to do, is an ideal model for women who have medium size hair. The only thing you need is a thin hair band.

First, you need to do is to spread your hair band on your head. Wind the thin hair tuft that you get in your hair around your hairband. Continue this process by picking up thin tufts from your hair until all your hair is collected. For the reason that the upper part of your hair band will be seen, the hair bun which is in the back of your neck will look very professional and very stylish. By choosing your band for different models, you can add a different atmosphere to your hairstyle. Your elegant hair band is ready now.


Braided Hair Model For Medium Length Hair

Those who have medium length hair can easily use braided models on their hair. Braids create a sport and a careful image on you in your daily life. This braided hair model which is one of the hair models for medium length hair is a model that can fit with any style.

Separate the top of your hair from the sides. after that, separate this top of your hair into two parts. braid one of these parts and tie the end of the braid with an elastic hair band. Bring this braided part from behind of your head to the other side and fix it with buckle pins. after that braid again the other part of your hair and tie it with an elastic hair band as the same way and do the same process to this tuft of your hair.

This lapped double braids are not only practical but also they look really cool. You can also have the more voluminous look by a little backcombing to the top of your hair.  If you want a more elaborate look, you can give your hair ends light waves with the help of a curling hair.


Corkscrew Ponytail

Making our hair a ponytail is the easiest way as an updo. This model, however, is a little more challenging than the ponytail to sum. When the result will be both nice and very attentive, you will see that it is not worth the effort.

Get a pinch from the front of your hair. Separate the tuft into two parts and start to curl them up. While you are curling them up adding some hair tufts from the sides of your hair like you are making a diagonal bond and continue to making corkscrew. When you come to the center of your hair, attach the corkscrew with a buckle pin or an flip and do the same process for the other side of your hair. Then tie the two of corkscrews and all your hair into a ponytail. You can get a more active look by making waves at the ends of your hair by using a proper curling iron to your hair. This model will be a different and stylish ponytail model for those who use a medium length hair model.


Ballerina Hair Bun

This hair model for medium length hair is a real classic as you know. If you like classical models and you feel comfortable with them you should really try this model on your hair. This does not only make you feel comfortable as it can but also it is really easy to make it as we are going to explain.

First, you need to do is to use one of the hair creams that are suitable for your hair to smooth your hair ends out. You always need to have some of them for your hair care. Then, comb your hair tightly to the back of your hair and tie a ponytail on the top of your head. After that, pin a molder thing onto your ponytail, it might be an elastic band, and blow dry your hair that is on top of your hair. Curl up your hair over the molder thing and fasten it with the help of some buckles. For the final touch, you can use the hairspray to stabilize and thus collect the hairs that are flying away. If you want to add some difference to your ballerina bun you can whip a decorative rope to your hair bun.


As you see in the article above that I fussily prepared for you being a woman who has medium size hair is a real luck. Only you need to do is your perfect haircut and after that match it with one of those different kinds of hair models for medium hairs. One you are certain about this point you can be one of the happiest women who know what is right for her. I hope that you enjoyed and also satisfied with these hair models that I have shared with you. If so, I could be really happy to make you happy.

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