Wıht 4 Samples Best Medium Straight Hairstyles and Haircuts

We heard that you have medium hair and you need to decide what is necessary to your hair. And we decided to share some hairstyles and haircuts that are with tips. Actually, should I start with the use of medium hair? Medium hair is a hair length that can be shaped in any position. Even can be said that it makes whatever you want length. You can make messy or elegant hair buns, gorgeous waves, pretty bangs, straight sleek and so on.


This being the case, you can be sure that after you read this article that we present to you will have a decision about and hairstyle or haircut. Medium hair is easy to use but in which circumstances? Of course, you need to make well care to your hair. Meaning of that you should find the proper products like shampoo, hair cream, hair spray, hair conditioner or whatever that are suitable for your both skin and hair. Hair skin care is another issue but worth to say you should place importance on your hair skin. Back to the point, we hope that you can decide what can you shape your hair after you read the article.


  1. A Crinkly Appearance

If you have a corkscrew curly hair, this crinkly we will shake you for sure. This model is a little more different than the ponytail to sum. When the result will be both nice and very attentive, you will see that it is worth the effort that you made. For making, this model gets a pinch from the front of your hair. Separate the tuft into two parts and start to curl them up. While you are curling them up adding some hair tufts from the sides of your hair like you are making a diagonal bond and continue to making corkscrew. When you come to the center of your hair, attach the corkscrew with a buckle pin or an flip and do the same process for the other side of your hair. Then tie the two of corkscrews and all your hair into a ponytail. You can get a more active look by making waves at the ends of your hair by using a proper curling iron to your hair. This model will be a different and stylish ponytail model for those who use a medium length hair model.


  1. A Glossy Look

If you want to look like real glossy with your hair and gorgeous with your look, you are in the right place to have information about it. With this medium hair model, you will find yourself in your self-respect. This hair model will give you a look like you are attractive, elegant and beautiful. There are some steps to reach this hair model. At first, you can start with blow drying your hair by using proper round brush with your hair. And after that step you should be sure that you spent not enough but extra time to give volume to by smoothing out your bangs. You should make all these steps gently. In addition to this, you need to have a center part that you can reach it by blow drying your hair bangs forward before creating it. Thus, as you can see if you have naturally straight hair, your process will be much easier than those who have with their wavy hairs. So I can’t see any reason for you to try this hair model that is really suitable for medium hair women.


  1.  Rough and Curly Wave

Would you like to have highly volume medium hair like in a real easy way?  If you answer is yes, you should really wear it. And do you know that it is really easy to make it while you are preparing for the night dinner? You will look just beautiful for that night and into the bargain of minimum effort. Now we can talk about how to make this hair model. First of all, you should apply a simple volumizer from your hair roots to your hair ends and you should gently comb it through. After that, you should blow dry your hair, by still combing it, by using only your finger or you can prefer your round brush. Next step is to set your hair in rollers for at least ten minutes. You must wait for this time period if you want to have exactly successful curls. For the last touch, you can comb out your hair with your naiVE fingers for fixing your hair in a form that you wished to be. If you have naturally wide curly hair you can get this hairstyle by just having a proper haircut for this trend. So you can now go to your expert hairdresser and discuss it face to face.  


  1. Two Braid Styles Are Together

Now we are going to talk about a hair braid model that is really easy to make. And you can wear it in any special occasions. You can use it in your casual life or formal life, whatever you want. First, you need to do is wash your hair with shampoo and hair conditioner that are suitable for your hair. After that blow dry your hair while combing gently. Then if you need you can use a hair cream to smooth your hair that makes the process easier. Separate your hair into two parts. Start braiding your hair in one side by taking thin hair tufts from both sides. More the tufts are thin, you will get more beautiful braids. Actually, there are two braid styles in this model. One of them is lade braid and the other one is the usual diagonal bond braid. After all these, only you need to do is an elastic band to tie your hair and your hands to make this easy hairdo for medium hair. If you want to make a difference on your style you can use some other different tulle bands. As a final touch stabilize your hair with and hair cream.

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