Short Spiky Haircuts for Curly Hair

People who have curly and fluffy hair often prefer to grow their hair. Because they think long curly hair can get in a shape easier. But the longer the hair is it requires a lot of care and effort. If you have long hairs, you have to wash it every day and apply conditioners on it in order to protect its health. Also long hair snarls much faster. Combing it is also a huge trouble. You have to soften it with creams before you comb otherwise this basic work may be painful. Long hair also sometimes makes you exasperated. In summer, it feels warm and in winter, you can’t go out without drying it because you can fall sick. Another reason to have short hair: Long and heavy hair harms your scalp and it is a common view that problems of dandruff are more difficult to solve with long hair. For these reasons, short hair is very easy to use and also it makes you look more charming than you really are. With a short hair cut that allows your collarbones to be seen clearly will show you more charming. Your neck to be seen is also a charming thing.

The most important thing that you should never forget is you need to choose a model that fits your profile. Your hair cut must show the beautiful unique features of your face and must be suitable to your head shape. Most of the women think a short hair cut is not suitable for their face and body shape. They get one part wrong. It is very important even which part of the hair is shorter from the other parts. As you know, each haircut model has its characteristics.

nice spiky short haircuts

After you get your haircut, it is very important to give it the right shape as it grows. Each section of growing process allows some specific hair models to be gotten. The buckles you use and where you use them are also important. You have to choose the right buckle and place it correctly in order the best shape to show up. You can choose a model which you will use with bobby pins. Bobby pins are not much noticeable. Therefore you can bond your hair from the back with bobby pins. But if you want to use a buckle, there are endless choices to make. You can use your hair one side bonded or without any buckles. But it is not possible to use short hair without buckles for long. As it grows, you will need to bond it anyway. Also your hair will be easily mussed up without buckles or bobby pins. You will need to tidy your hair in every 5 minutes. But it’s your hair, the choice is yours.

funky short spiky hairstyles

Color is another thing that is important in haircuts. Not every color is suitable for short hair according to your skin color. For instance, imagine that you have red hair, it may look much better when it’s short compared to long. You need to choose a right color that is suitable to your skin color and the haircut you want to get. But remember, everything natural looks more charming.

short spiky haircuts and hairstyles

What’s more about short haircuts, when you give your short hair a shape, it is very difficult to be mussed up. You comb it in any condition anyway but it is easy to give shape to short hair and it will be very quick to be ready to get out of your house. Even you don’t tidy it; it will look like it has been given shape. About being ready to get out, if you don’t like using hair dryer, be comfortable, it is very quick your hair to get dry after taking a shower and so you will get ready much more quickly and won’t be late for anywhere. You, ladies with curly hair! Let your hair make you look freer than you are, show your beauty. Don’t hide your beauty with long and heavy hair. Do yourself a favor, make some changes and get rid of your hair has been a trouble for you. Here are the best short haircuts for you.

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